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Pico is a managed services provider at the intersection of markets and technology

Pico is a financial technology services firm established under the business principles of providing distinguished products and services, delivering innovative and pragmatic technology solutions, and offering significant market structure and regulatory expertise.

All datacenters are connected with low latency paths that deliver a total service for both microsecond sensitive clients and those who want to be on the latest infrastructure.

Your on ramp to low latency trading. Providing the quickest routes and fastest network equipment to exchanges, counterparties, and liquidity centers. Pico is your one stop shop for upgrading to the best technology and reducing your fixed costs.

Pico is an authorized redistributor for raw market data providing Vendor of Record (VOR) services for our customers.  We have over 250 feeds across all asset classes.  We also partner with a variety of third-party normalization companies to fit our clients’ different latency and price profiles to meet their exacting requirements.

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You want to worry about Alpha.  Leverage our team of engineers to provide you the best of breed hardware, OS, and network support for your environment.

Trade messages and market data are nearing big data scales.  Not only can we handle that volume of data, we can create regulatory reports for every message on our network.

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Pico Quantitative Trading, provides technology service for realtime risk checks.

Pico lives at the intersection

of Markets and Technology

120 Wall St
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New York, NY 10005
(646) 701-6120
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